Welcome to my website. It is hell.


Hey, I`m Ariadne!

One year estrogen HRT baby

The Me:

I was made in a CS grad - indie gamedev - weeb - neurodivergent - transgirl factory, so that describes about 90% of my personality

Unfortunately, there was an autism spill during my manufacturing, so the rest 10% is an intricate knowledge of self-loading firearms of the last 150 years (og sig p210 best pistol don`t @ me) and, for some reason, star wars lore.

In an alternate universe I am an insufferable hipster freelance designer in Moscow.

In this universe I am an insufferable computer science student in London (not the London you think, but with about the same amount of stabbings)

The aspirations of the next Devolver solo dev, motivation of a person in desperate need of severe psychiatric help.